What I learned about Manhood from Sir Richard Branson’s father

The Great House is on FIRE! Fire! Fire! Fire!

After reading Finding my Virginity (affiliate link)(non-affiliate link) in January, one story has stuck in my mind. The story teaches an invaluable lesson about Manhood, and it’s part of the chapter titled “Dad”.

Richard’s father, Ted, and nephew, Jack, joined each other on a boating expedition. Jack told his grandpa about a noise he heard last night, but chose not to get out of bed to investigate. Grandpa told Jack he made the wrong decision. He told Jack he should always get up to investigate noises at night.

Years later Jack is woken in the night while staying at Necker Island (in the British Virgin Isles). He hears a noise and gets up to investigate. The house is on fire! He proceeds to wake and evacuate all twenty guests. The house incurs significant fire damage. All the guests escape mostly unscathed, with only minor injuries.

The lesson is:

If you are woken at night by a noise, always get up and investigate. Your house might be on fire.

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