Learning how to value time and not half-ass your work

At 11 years old, the boy went to work at his father’s small-town West Virginia service station. “There was a standard of excellence, a perfection.” If any car he washed ended up with water streaks, the boy was demanded to start over from the beginning and wash it again. The standard of excellent taught him how to do things correctly the first time. To value time. To not half-ass. To do his best. To pay attention to detail.

Later in life the boy became an extraordinary college football coach. The discipline his father drilled into him was drilled into his players year after year. His team became one of the most winning teams in college football. His college football teams have won 205 games (with only 61 losses) and 5 national championships. His name is Nick Saban, and his team is Alabama’s Crimson Tide. 

Time is the most valuable resource. You can’t get more of it. Once it’s gone it’s gone. Half-assing work wastes time because you’ll be soon re-doing it. Instead, solve a problem thoroughly so it stays solved for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for reading! Together we build a world free of fear.

What would you do if you were not afraid?

Be Legendary


One thought on “Learning how to value time and not half-ass your work

  1. Another great post! I think we all do have time to do good work. It’s just that a lot of us have too much distraction in our world to see it, or in some cases we allow too many distractions to enter our life.


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