9 Common Sense Habits that aren’t Common Practice

  1. Exercise first thing. It works miracles for your brain, and feels great. If you’re interested in some science behind this check out: Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Excercise and the Brain.
  2. Take supplements & drink water. A lot of us are deficient in vitamins, ask your doctor! The foods we eat today are not as nutrient rich as 50 years ago. A lot of us are also dehydrated, and spend too much time indoors. In the morning, try not to make any big decisions before you drink a glass of water.
  3. Don’t check email for the first hour of the day. Right after you wake up, your brain is transitioning from sub-conscious mind to conscious mind. Set your own agenda, and don’t overload your mind with information right away. You’ll probably feel much better for the rest of they day. Better yet, don’t even touch your computer for the first hour, or the last hour of the day. See #5 and #7.
  4. Listen to motivational audio right after waking up. There’s boatloads of great content on youtube. Find a speaker you like and run with her.
  5. Work on the most important stuff first. Make progress towards your top priority goals before starting anything else. Even better, do this before everyone else wakes up. There’s a reason why people recommend scheduling surgery in the morning. Surgeon’s brains (and everyone else’s) work better early in the day before making a bunch of decisions.
  6. Take imperfect action. Don’t let  fear of imperfection turn into procrastination. Seize opportunity. As they say: “take a leap and the net appears.” Try new things (see #8), and logically weigh the risks. If there’s almost no downside, why not go for it?
  7. Write a journal entry every night and reflect on your day, your week. Focus more on failures than successes. Go back and read what you wrote last week, and measure yourself. Write down goals with deadlines on paper, then measure yourself against those, too.
  8. Try a new experiment every week. Test out new workouts, diets, recipes, morning routines, whatever. Write about it in your journal and measure the results. Stop doing things that don’t work. Experiment to find things that do work.
  9. Invest time in yourself. lot of people want your attention and try to give you direction. Take moments just for you. It can be as simple as reading a chapter of a book, or tidying up your desk, or going for a walk.

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