Hi, I’m Torrey.

I’m a writer, leader, and a father of twins. You’ve found Torrey’s blog. It’s where I share golden nuggets of knowledge discovered in books, podcasts, or my own experiences.

A Little About Me

I am a leader of engineers at Security Technology and Response (STAR) Team. I also lead STAR’s internship program in North America.

I am a proud father of twins (boys).

Sometimes I write code. You can find me on GitHub here.

The Five Favorite Blog Posts

    1. The Emergence of Superbugs in the Cyber Security Landscape
    1. Working in Cyber Security: “Do not limit yourself to what your professor or boss instructs you to do”
    1. <a href=”https://torrey.blog/2017/02/0
    1. 5/commencement-2/”>Commencement
    1. The Library of Traveling Books
    1. Priorities

  • IMG_2047
    My favorite photo taken by me. Mr. Bee browsing coffee flowers in Kona, Hawaii